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SEVENTECH is an engineering firm that turns the client’s ideas into real, high-profile products.

We are involved in designing and developing the future product, and we help to optimize the manufacturing process and all of the related costs.

We have more than 25 years’ experience in production processes, ranging from injection molds and dies to electronics and programming, logistics and sales.

Our comprehensive experience means we can meet your main project needs:

  • Feasibility and manufacturability
  • Quality and regulatory compliance
  • Reliability
  • Functionality

Our main focus is the highly-demanding automotive sector, and we also offer first-rate solutions to other, equally-competitive sectors. We guarantee the highest customer service standards:

  • Ideas
  • Technology
  • Quality
  • Boutique
  • Experience


Experience in creating and designing

We take the CONCEPTUAL IDEA (design, functionality, development, material selection) and turn it into a TECHNICAL PROTOTYPE. We create the necessary FUNCTIONAL ASPECTS to arrive at the manufacturing phase, keeping any potential incidents to a minimum and optimizing manufacturing costs.

  • Engineering
    From creating the DESIGN concept to MANUFACTURING the different parts of the whole package. Our experience in manufacturing PROCESSES, in particular moulds and dies, has given us a clear insight into the traceability of the process of creating a product’s mechanical parts. We specialize in developing and industrializing plastic parts, with more than 25 years of experience under our belt.
  • Prototypes
    One of the most crucial parts of designing the concept of the end product is creating the PROTOTYPE. We have extensive experience in managing prototypes using a wide range of technologies, materials and finishes. This, together with integrated electronics and programming, means the client can clearly visualize the finished product. We believe that prototypes are the prelude to mass production. A good prototype must therefore be able to optimize subsequent mass production costs, as well as functional and design tests.
  • Electronics
    Designing CONTROL ELECTRONICS using microcontrollers / Apps for iOS and Android / Mobile Devices: smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc. / Designing Altium rigid-flex printed circuits, up to eight layers / Through Hole Mounting, SMT (up to 0402) and chips with E-pad > 10mm / Designing controlled-impedance circuits / Designing circuits as per EMC standards / High-level Arduino programming / CAN, LIN shields, sensors, actuators, etc. / DC-DC power supplies / DC, W and RGB LED Drivers / Programming for LIN and CAN standards.
  • Optics
    We use the right software and hardware TECHNOLOGY to perform designs, studies, simulations and rendering of LIGHTING systems in the end product. This ranges from light guides and pilots to any light-emitting assembly. We use LUCIDSHAPE CAA to simplify the design process and perform complex calculations in a matter of minutes, always meeting our client’s needs.

FLEXIBILITY · We believe that time management is crucial for the client when designing and creating prototypes.

COMPREHENSIVE CONTROL · By using built-in iBPMS technology we can ensure complete traceability of the whole process.

ONGOING IMPROVEMENT · This is the cornerstone of Engineering at Seventech: our service is subject to a Total Quality and Ongoing Improvement system.


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